Mednafen NGP | Download, System Requirements & Installation Guide

Mednafen NGP is a popular emulator that allows gamers to play Neo Geo Pocket games on their computers. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Mednafen NGP, including its history, versions, system requirements, how to use it, how to download and install it, how to run ROMs, how to configure it, how to assign plugins, how to use cheat codes, and how to troubleshoot common issues. We will also provide a list of plugins and cheat codes, as well as popular games that can be played using Mednafen NGP.

1. What is Mednafen NGP?

Mednafen NGP is an emulator that allows gamers to play Neo Geo Pocket games on their computers. It is a free, open-source software that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Mednafen NGP is known for its accuracy and compatibility with a wide range of games.

2. History of Mednafen NGP

Mednafen NGP was first released in 2000 as NeoPop-SDL, a Neo Geo Pocket emulator for Linux. Over the years, it has evolved into Mednafen NGP, which is now compatible with multiple operating systems and supports a wide range of games.

3. Versions of Mednafen NGP

Below are the versions of Mednafen NGP:

  • 0.9.48 (latest version)
  • 0.9.47
  • 0.9.46
  • 0.9.45
  • 0.9.44

4. How to use Mednafen NGP

To use Mednafen NGP, you need to download and install it on your computer. Once installed, you can run the emulator and load ROMs to start playing games. You can configure the emulator settings to optimize performance and assign plugins to enhance the gaming experience.

5. System requirements

The system requirements to run Mednafen NGP are:

  • Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later, or Linux
  • 2 GHz dual-core processor or better
  • 2 GB RAM or more
  • OpenGL 3.3 or later compatible graphics card

6. Mednafen NGP download

To download Mednafen NGP, go to the official website and select the version that is compatible with your operating system. Once downloaded, run the installer and follow the instructions to install the emulator on your computer.

7. How to install Mednafen NGP

To install Mednafen NGP, run the installer that you downloaded and follow the instructions. You may need to select the installation directory and agree to the terms and conditions before the installation can proceed.

8. How to uninstall Mednafen NGP

To uninstall Mednafen NGP, go to the Control Panel on your computer and select “Uninstall a program.” Find Mednafen NGP in the list of installed programs and select “Uninstall.” Follow the instructions to complete the uninstallation process.

9. ROMs

Mednafen NGP supports various types of ROMs, including .ngp, .ngc, and .zip files. You can download ROMs from various websites and load them into the emulator to start playing games.

10. How to run a ROM on Mednafen NGP

To run a ROM on Mednafen NGP, open the emulator and select “Load ROM” from the File menu. Browse to the location where the ROM is saved and select it. The game should start running in the emulator.

11. How to configure Mednafen NGP

To configure Mednafen NGP, select “Configure” from the Settings menu. You can adjust various settings, such as video, audio, input, and emulation, to optimize performance and enhance the gaming experience.

12. How to assign plugins to Mednafen NGP

To assign plugins to Mednafen NGP, select “Plugins” from the Settings menu. You can select plugins for video, audio, and input to enhance the gaming experience.

13. List with plugins

Below are plugins you can use for Mednafen NGP:

  • Video: OpenGL, SDL
  • Audio: SDL, PortAudio
  • Input: SDL, XInput, DirectInput

14. Input devices

To configure input devices in Mednafen NGP, select “Input” from the Settings menu. You can assign buttons and configure controllers to play games using your preferred input device.

15. How to use cheat codes

To use cheat codes in Mednafen NGP, select “Cheats” from the Settings menu. You can enter cheat codes manually or load them from a file to enhance your gaming experience.

16. List with cheat codes

Below are some cheat codes for Mednafen NGP:

  • Infinite Lives: 800B9F 0009
  • Infinite Health: 800B9D 0009
  • Unlock All Levels: 800B9B 0009

17. Popular games

Some of the most popular games that can be played using Mednafen NGP are:

  • King of Fighters R-2
  • Metal Slug: 1st Mission
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure
  • Puzzle Bobble Mini
  • Samurai Shodown! 2

18. How to save in Mednafen NGP

To save settings in Mednafen NGP, select “Save Configuration” from the Settings menu. You can also save game progress by using the save state feature, which allows you to save and load game progress at any time.

19. Troubleshoot

If you encounter any issues while using Mednafen NGP, you can try troubleshooting by checking the emulator settings, updating your graphics card drivers, or reinstalling the emulator. You can also seek help from online forums or the Mednafen NGP community.

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